What we do

Sierra lane construction is a full construction service provider of project and construction management, design/build, and general contracting services.
  • project management
  • construction management
  • design/build
  • Traditional bid/build
  • general contracting 

From front-end science and planning, construction management, and operations, Sierra Lane provides best-in-class experts; with different project experience to deliver a high level of integrated services for the full project life-cycle. Our staff is supported by a uniform administrative and management system that project teams can access immediately to ensure work is completed effectively.

Sierra Lane is committed to excellence in all that we do. We believe that on-time delivery of the highest quality projects for the best value is only part of the equation. The experience of the construction process is just as important as the results. We create positive, memorable experiences and lasting relationships because our actions are guided by our core values.



SL acts on behalf of client as the client's agent in design and construction related functions



SL acts on behalf of client as the client's agent in all construction related functions


SL specializes in commercial and light industrial construction projects



SL has the ability to establish reasonable prices for the client



SL specializes in all types of commercial and multi-purpose residential construction

We manage the design phase to provide the client optimal control over cost, schedule, and quality for the entire project

We supervise and coordinate all construction related aspects from pre-construction to post-construction, including project schedule and budget

We are responsible for planning, scheduling, managing, and overseeing the entire project's life-cycle

Qualified sub-contractors are invited to participate in the bidding process for their scope of work

We do general building construction and preventative maintenance

Responsible for material procurement, quality control, financial budget, and on-time delivery

Ensure quality workmanship on all construction related activities

Design and construction of the project is led by our architect, engineer consultants, and construction team

Our construction team works with awarded sub-contractors to ensure the work quality meets project expectations

Provide project consultation and estimation

Hire and manage the design team, architect, engineers, and contractors; ensure all goals are met during the project's life cycle

Maintain communication with project team, sub-contractors, consultants, and clients

Ensure project is designed and constructed with quality workmanship without compromising the budget and schedule

Oversee and manage entire construction process, providing regular updates to client, project managers, engineers, design team, and contractors

Responsible for material, labour, and equipment